hr specialist

hr specialist

•Recruit, interview, test, select joiner workers to fill vacant positions.
•Plan and conduct new employee orientation to foster positive attitude toward Company goals.
•Keep records of personnel transactions such as hires , promotions , transfer , performance reviews , terminations
•Respond to inquiries regarding policies, procedures and programs.
•Administer performance review program to ensue effectiveness, compliance and equity within company.
•Administer salary administration program to ensure compliance and equity .Investigate accidents prepare reports for insurance carrier.
•Prepare budget of human resources operations.
•Prepare employee separation notices and related documentation, and conduct exit interviews to determine reasons behind separation.
•Prepare reports and recommends procedures to reduce absenteeism and turnover.
•Represent company at personnel-related hearings and investigations.
•Conducts needs analysis studies and confers with managers and supervisors to determine training needs.
•Compiles data and analyzes past and current year training requirements to prepare budgets and justify funds requested.

•Contracts with outside suppliers to provide employee services, such as canteen, transportation, or relocation service